Papers Published

  1. Debusschere, B. J. and Najm, H. N. and Matta, A. and Knio, O. M. and Ghanem, R. G. and Le Maitre, O. P., Protein labeling reactions in electrochemical microchannel flow: Numerical simulation and uncertainty propagation, PHYSICS OF FLUIDS, vol. 15 no. 8 (2003), pp. 2238--2250 [doi] .
    (last updated on 2011/07/05)

    This paper presents a model for two-dimensional electrochemical microchannel flow including the propagation of uncertainty from model parameters to the simulation results. For a detailed representation of electroosmotic and pressure-driven microchannel flow, the model considers the coupled momentum, species transport, and electrostatic field equations, including variable zeta potential. The chemistry model accounts for pH-dependent protein labeling reactions as well as detailed buffer electrochemistry in a mixed finite-rate/equilibrium formulation. Uncertainty from the model parameters and boundary conditions is propagated to the model predictions using a pseudo-spectral stochastic formulation with polynomial chaos (PC) representations for parameters and field quantities. Using a Galerkin approach, the governing equations are reformulated into equations for the coefficients in the PC expansion. The implementation of the physical model with the stochastic uncertainty propagation is applied to protein-labeling in a homogeneous buffer, as well as in two-dimensional electrochemical microchannel flow. The results for the two-dimensional channel show strong distortion of sample profiles due to ion movement and consequent buffer disturbances. The uncertainty in these results is dominated by the uncertainty in the applied voltage across the channel. (C) 2003 American Institute of Physics.