Papers Published

  1. Le Maitre, O. P. and Reagan, M. T. and Najm, H. N. and Ghanem, R. G. and Knio, O. M., Stochastic projection method for fluid flow - II. Random process, JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL PHYSICS, vol. 181 no. 1 (2002), pp. 9--44 [doi] .
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    An uncertainty quantification scheme is developed for the simulation of stochastic thermofluid processes. The scheme relies on spectral representation of uncertainty using the polynomial chaos (PC) system. The solver combines a Galerkin procedure for the determination of PC coefficients with a projection method for efficiently simulating the resulting system of coupled transport equations. Implementation of the numerical scheme is illustrated through simulations of natural convection in a 2D square cavity with stochastic temperature distribution at the cold wall. The properties of the uncertainty representation scheme are analyzed, and the predictions are contrasted with results obtained using a Monte Carlo approach. (C) 2002 Elsevier Science (USA).