Papers Published

  1. Ting, L. and Klein, R. and Knio, O. M., Asymptotic theory of slender vortex filaments - old and new, IUTAM SYMPOSIUM ON DYNAMICS OF SLENDER VORTICES, vol. 44 (1998), pp. 3--20 .
    (last updated on 2011/07/05)

    We give a brief review of the asymptotic theory of slender vortex filaments to emphasize i) the choices of scalings, small parameters and the distinguished limit, ii) the consistency conditions, iii) the optimum similar and nonsimilar viscous vortical core structures and iv) their applications to complement experimental investigations. We present highlights of several extensions of the asymptotic theory: the analyses for core structures with axial variation, for the interaction of filaments with a solid body and sound generation and for a filament in a background rotational flow. We then outline the vortical flow problems currently under investigation.