Papers Published

  1. Marszalek, P. E. and Markin, V. S. and Tanaka, T. and Kawaguchi, H. and Fernandez, J. M., Pulsed-Laser Imaging Demonstrates the Mechanism of Current Rectification at a Hydrogel Interface, Langmuir, vol. 11 no. 11 (1995), pp. 4196-4198 .
    (last updated on 2007/11/30)

    The accumulation or depletion of charge carriers at a p-n junction results in electronic rectification.(1) Similarly, we show that-accumulation or depletion of ions underlies ionic rectification at a single hydrogel-electrolyte interface. We monitored the rapid formation and collapse of ionic gradients at the hydrogel-electrolyte interface of natural(2,3) and synthetic(4) charged microparticles by the use of pulsed-laser microscopy.(5,6) We conclude that the flow of the current is determined by the charge of the hydrogel and the geometry of the electric field applied to it. Our findings can be utilized to design hydrogel-based microswitches and ''wet'' integrated circuits.