Papers Published

  1. Proceedings of the 1995 Bioengineering Conference, edited by Hochmuth, Robert M.;Langrana, Noshir A.;Hefzy, Mohamed Samir;, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Bioengineering Division (Publication) BED, vol. 29 (1995), pp. 576 - .
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    The proceedings contains 288 papers. Topics discussed include cardiovascular engineering, role of the blood phase, electrokinetics of soft tissue, cell and molecular properties, solid modeling and mesh generation, vascular remodeling and mechanics, role of the endothelium, electrokinetics of bones, biopolymer cell supports, finite element modeling, myocardial mechanics and the embryonic circulation, artery studies, cartilage medicine, cell motility and migration, skeletal muscles and the diseased heart, tendon and ligament mechanics, stenosis and the collapsible tubes, bones mechanics, stress analysis in prosthesis, failure properties and adaptation mechanism in trabecular bone, multiphase models of tissue and organs, spine mechanics, imaging, computer simulation.

    Tissue;Hemodynamics;Mass transfer;Cardiovascular system;Biomedical engineering;Cells;Bone;Computer simulation;Finite element method;Muscle;Prosthetics;Medical imaging;