Papers Published

  1. Berk, D.A. and Clark, A., Jr. and Hochmuth, R.M., Analysis of lateral diffusion from a spherical cell surface to a tubular projection, Biophys. J. (USA), vol. 61 no. 1 (1992), pp. 1 - 8 .
    (last updated on 2007/04/10)

    The authors present an analysis to describe the surface diffusion of membrane particles from a spherical shell onto a thin cylindrical process. Provision is made for different rates of diffusion within the two morphologically distinct regions. The relative role of each region in controlling the diffusive flux between regions is determined primarily by a single dimensionless parameter. This parameter incorporates the ratio of the two diffusion coefficients as well as the dimensions of each region. The analysis can be applied to a fluorescence photobleaching experiment in which the extended process is bleached. If the dimensions of the spherical cell body and the cylindrical extension are known, then the diffusion coefficients of both regions can be determined from the experimental fluorescence recovery curve

    biodiffusion;biomembrane transport;cellular transport and dynamics;molecular biophysics;molecular fluorescence;