Papers Published

  1. Croce, P.A. and Hochmuth, R.M. and Seshadri, V.R. and Sutera, S.P., Capillary blood flow: Rigid and deformable model cells compared to erythrocytes in vitro, Digest of technical papers of the Society of Engineering Science 7 annual meeting on engineering science in biomedicine (1969), pp. 48 - 9 .
    (last updated on 2007/04/10)

    Abstract only given substantially as follows. Quantitative investigation of capillary blood flow in vivo is complicated by the small size of the capillaries. Erythrocyte motion in capillary flow is being studied in large scale, dynamically similar models. Model cell behaviour is compared with that of erythrocytes in vitro in order to assess the degree of similitude. The stability of rigid, plano-convex model cells resembling deformed erythrocytes has been studied in detail. Deformations of erythrocytes in glass tubes ranging from 4 to 10 microns in diameter have been characterized by peripheral gap width-to-diameter and length-to-diameter ratios over a wide range of flow rates. These deformations have been reproduced using liquid-filled, thin latex envelopes as model cells

    blood;flow of liquids;