Papers Published

  1. Hochmuth, R.M. and Hampel, W.L., III, Surface elasticity and viscosity of red cell membrane, J. Rheol. (USA), vol. 23 no. 6 (1979), pp. 669 - 80 [1.549540] .
    (last updated on 2007/04/10)

    Force-deformation curves are measured for individual human red blood cells by applying an equal and opposite force at diametrically opposite `points' on the red cell rim. Upon release of a cell, it rapidly recovers its unstressed disklike shape in approximately 0.3 sec. This deformation and subsequent recovery process is analyzed with a constitutive equation which describes the finite deformation at constant area of a two-dimensional viscoelastic solid. From the analysis and the experimental results, values obtained for the `shear modulus of surface elasticity' and `coefficient of surface viscosity' are on the order of 4×10-3 dyn/cm and 5×10-4 dyn sec/cm (P cm), respectively

    biomembranes;biorheology;blood;cellular biophysics;deformation;viscoelasticity;