Papers Published

  1. Meng, X.N. and LeRoux, M.A. and Setton, L.A. and Laursen, T.A., Biphasic finite element formulation for modeling nonlinear response of articular cartilage to torsion, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Bioengineering Division (Publication) BED, vol. 50 (2001), pp. 549 - 550 .
    (last updated on 2007/04/10)

    A biphasic finite element formulation for predicting the coupling between pure torsion and normal stress effects in articular cartilage was presented. Both the computational and experimental data showed a transient normal stress effect arising from torsion that was lower in magnitude that the shear stress. Finite element results demonstrated that the normal stress during stress-relaxation arose from fluid pressurization.

    Torsional stress;Shear stress;Stress relaxation;Pressure effects;Elasticity;Elastic moduli;Mechanical permeability;Finite element method;Tensors;Nonlinear equations;Linearization;Computer simulation;