Papers Published

  1. Lorente, S. and Arriaga, J. and Araujo, G.L. and Perez, J., First cycle telecommunications engineers in Spain: professional profile and training needs, Proceedings. Frontiers in Education 1995 25th Annual Conference. Engineering Education for the 21st Century (Cat. No.95CH35867), vol. vol.1 (1995), pp. 3 - 4 .
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    The paper presents part of the results of a survey carried out in November-December 1993 to a random sample of 758 first cycle telecommunications engineers. There are some 10,000 first cycle telecommunications engineers in Spain and their professional field of activity has broadly to do with the information technologies. First cycle (three year curriculum) and second cycle (five or six year curriculum) refer to what in the US is called undergraduate or graduate, or BS and MS engineer The main conclusions of this research are presented

    employment;professional aspects;telecommunication engineering education;training;