Papers Published

  1. Tan, T.Y. and Foll, H. and Krakow, W., Intermediate defects in silicon and germanium, Microscopy of Semiconducting Materials, 1981. Proceedings of the 2nd Oxford Conference (1981), pp. 1 - 7 .
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    By bonding arguments, it is possible to model the dislocation nucleation process due to condensations of point defects in Si, (Ge). The point defects are first condensed into ⟨110⟩ elongated linear intermediate defect configurations (including 113 stacking fault) which then evolve into undissociated 90°-edge, 60° and Frank partial dislocation dipoles. Experimental observations tend to support this view

    dislocation dipoles;dislocation nucleation;edge dislocations;elemental semiconductors;germanium;point defects;silicon;