Papers Published

  1. Tan, T.Y., Point defects and diffusion mechanisms pertinent to the Ga sublattice of GaAs, Mater. Chem. Phys. (Switzerland), vol. 40 no. 4 (1995), pp. 245 - 52 [0254-0584(95)01488-8] .
    (last updated on 2007/04/10)

    For the Ga sublattice of GaAs, the recent understanding of the impurity and self-diffusion mechanisms and the nature of the point defects responsible are discussed. Analyses of doping enhanced AlAs/GaAs superlattice disordering data and impurity diffusion data have led to the conclusion that, under thermal equilibrium and intrinsic conditions, the triply-negatively-charged Ga vacancy (V 3-Ga) governs Ga self-diffusion and Al-Ga interdiffusion in As-rich crystals, while the doubly-positively-charged Ga self-interstitial (I 2+Ga) dominates in Ga-rich crystals. When doped sufficiently, V 3-Ga dominates in n-type crystals, while I 2+Ga dominates in p-type crystals, irrespective of the crystal composition. The V 3-Ga species also contributes to the diffusion of the main donor species Si, while I 2+Ga also governs the diffusion of the main acceptor species Zn and Be via the kick-out mechanism

    aluminium compounds;chemical interdiffusion;diffusion;gallium arsenide;III-V semiconductors;impurity-defect interactions;interstitials;self-diffusion;semiconductor superlattices;vacancies (crystal);