Papers Published

  1. Tan, T.Y. and Huang, H.C.W. and Tice, W.K., Characterization of oxide precipitate-dislocation complexes in Czochralski-grown Si wafers, Electrochemical Society Spring Meeting (papers in extended summary form only received) (1977), pp. 195 - 7 .
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    Important aspects associated with SiOx PDC generation were studied by chemical etching, X-ray topography, TEM and other techniques. The materials used consisted of p-type [001] wafers annealed in an N2 ambient at 1050°C from 1 to 60 hours. X-ray topographs and chemical etching revealed that the complexes are distributed in `swirl' patterns. Their characteristic etch figures can reveal their morphologies as well as TEM observations

    crystal growth from melt;dislocation etching;elemental semiconductors;precipitation;semiconductor growth;silicon;