Papers Published

  1. Tong, Q.-Y. and Lee, T.-H. and Huang, L.-J. and Chao, Y.-L. and Kim, W.J. and Scholz, R. and Tan, T.Y. and Gosele, U., Design considerations for Si and SiC layer transfer by H implantation, Proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium on Semiconductor Wafer Bonding: Science, Technology, and Applications (1998), pp. 521 - 8 .
    (last updated on 2007/04/10)

    Successful layer transfer on to a desired substrate by hydrogen-implanted wafer bonding and layer splitting requires careful design in terms of material and surface preparation, implant conditions, bonding and splitting procedures. The most useful design information is contained in the relationship between splitting time and temperature that varies with crystal orientation, dopant type, doping level, implant dose, co-implanted ions and implantation temperature

    crystal orientation;doping profiles;elemental semiconductors;hydrogen;ion implantation;semiconductor materials;silicon;silicon compounds;surface treatment;wafer bonding;