Papers Published

  1. Gafiteanu, R. and You, H.-M. and Goesele, U. and Tan, T.Y., Diffusion-segregation equation for simulation in heterostructures, Interface Control of Electrical, Chemical, and Mechanical Properties. Symposium (1994), pp. 31 - 7 .
    (last updated on 2007/04/10)

    Diffusion of impurity atoms or point defect species occurs simultaneously with segregation in materials that are inhomogeneous or consisting of heterostructures. Based on thermodynamic principles, a general diffusion-segregation equation (DSE) simultaneously describing the species' diffusion and segregation behavior has been derived. The DSE treats the diffusion-segregation problems on the same fundamental level as the diffusion problems are treated by Fick's Laws. A critical comparison of modeling diffusion-segregation phenomena using the DSE vs. previous formulations is given. The wide range of applications of the DSE is demonstrated by several examples

    impurities;point defects;surface diffusion;surface segregation;