Papers Published

  1. Tong, Q.-Y. and Kidao, G. and Tan, T.Y. and Gosele, U., Wafer bonding of Si with dissimilar materials, 1995 4th International Conference on Solid-State and Integrated Circuit Technology. Proceedings (Cat. No.95TH8143) (1995), pp. 524 - 6 [ICSICT.1995.503338] .
    (last updated on 2007/04/10)

    Wafer bonding provides a high degree of flexibility in material integration. However, the major concerns of Si wafer bonding with dissimilar materials are their thermal mismatch and the bubble generation during the annealing process. The former requires the annealing temperature as low as possible to achieve a sufficiently high bond energy. The latter depends on the removal of hydrocarbon contaminants from the mating surfaces prior to bonding. We have employed the described low temperature bonding approach in realizing bulk quality ultrathin SOI by an ion-implanted carbon etch stop, single crystal ultrathin Si on quartz or on glass and Si/ZnS

    annealing;elemental semiconductors;silicon;silicon-on-insulator;thermal stresses;wafer bonding;