Papers Published

  1. Yang, K.H. and Tan, T.Y., On the interaction of intrinsic and extrinsic gettering schemes in silicon, Impurity Diffusion and Gettering in Silicon Symposium (1985), pp. 223 - 9 .
    (last updated on 2007/04/10)

    The authors report some results of an experiment designed to study the interaction of extrinsic gettering (EC) and intrinsic gettering (IG) schemes. They found that mechanical abrasion introduces interstitial type dislocations into the water backside and produces a concave wafer frontside. The EG dislocation network enhances SiO2 precipitation which is responsible for the IG activity. The enhancementis most significant near the wafer backside. The interaction arises most probably because the dislocation network serves as a very efficient source/sink for point defects

    abrasion;dislocations;elemental semiconductors;getters;point defects;precipitation;semiconductor thin films;silicon;