Papers Published

  1. Defects in Semiconductors. Proceedings of the Materials Research Society Annual Meeting, edited by Narayan, J.;Tan, T.Y.; (1981), pp. xi+537 - .
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    The following topics were dealt with: new advances in defect characterization techniques; point defects, dislocations, and point defect-dislocation interrelationships in elemental as well as compound semiconductors; nucleation and formation of macroscopic defects; thermal and laser annealing of ion implantation and neutron damage, thermal oxidation and oxygen precipitation; crystal growth; physical properties of point defects; correlation of atomic structures with the electronic properties of dislocations; identification of the role of silicon self-interstitials in impurity diffusion; the structures of point and extended defects. 51 papers were presented, of which all are published in full in the present proceedings. Abstracts of individual papers can be found under the relevant classification codes in this or future issues

    crystal defects;semiconductors;