Papers Published

  1. Tan, T.Y. and Foell, H. and Mader, S. and Krakow, W., A tentative identification of the nature of 113 stacking faults in Si-model and experiment, Defects in Semiconductors. Proceedings of the Materials Research Society Annual Meeting (1981), pp. 179 - 84 .
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    An atomic model with fully bonded interstitial atoms is proposed for the 113 stacking faults (SF). It is shown that the development of the 113 habit plane is a result of minimizing bond length changes. The fault may be represented by a 1/11⟨113⟩ partial dislocation, and a 3/22⟨332⟩ partial will facilitate an unfaulting reaction to result in a 1/2⟨110⟩ 90° edge dislocation. Lattice images were obtained for a 113 SF which showed that the model is essentially correct

    electron microscope examination of materials;elemental semiconductors;silicon;stacking faults;