Papers Published

  1. Gosele, U. and Tan, T.Y., The influence of point defects on diffusion and gettering in silicon, Impurity Diffusion and Gettering in Silicon Symposium (1985), pp. 105 - 16 .
    (last updated on 2007/04/10)

    The authors deal with the influence of intrinsic point defects (vacancies and self-interstitials) on self- and impurity diffusion in silicon. Estimates of the diffusivities and thermal equilibrium concentrations of vacancies and self-interstitials are given. They also discuss the influence of point defects on the diffusion and precipitation of different types of metallic impurities in various gettering schemes as well as on the nucleation and growth of SiO2 precipitates

    diffusion in solids;elemental semiconductors;getters;interstitials;precipitation;self-diffusion in solids;semiconductor technology;silicon;vacancies (crystal);