Papers Published

  1. Krakow, W. and Tan, T.Y. and Foll, H., The identification of atomic defect chain configurations in ion irradiated Si by high resolution electron microscopy, Microscopy of Semiconducting Materials, 1981. Proceedings of the 2nd Oxford Conference (1981), pp. 23 - 8 .
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    In a high resolution electron microscope lattice imaging study of As+ ion damaged Si, the authors have detected ⟨110⟩ vacancy and interstitial chain type defects. They have also observed the presence of intermediate defect configurations (IDCs) consisting of 5-7 membered Si ring structures such as a 90° edge dislocation dipole and a more extended (113) stacking fault configuration. By image matching of experimental and calculated electron micrographs obtained from multislice dynamical diffraction calculations they have established the optimum criteria for detecting atomic defect chains under axial illumination. A dislocation dipole and other IDC chains in Si are identified because of lattice distortion where an inclined electron beam gives the most reliable image information transfer

    dislocation dipoles;edge dislocations;electron microscope examination of materials;elemental semiconductors;ion implantation;silicon;stacking faults;