Papers Published

  1. Tice, W.K. and Tan, T.Y., Precipitation of oxygen and intrinsic gettering in silicon, Defects in Semiconductors. Proceedings of the Materials Research Society Annual Meeting (1981), pp. 367 - 80 .
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    In this review, dislocations introduced by prismatic punching at SiO2 precipitate sites in Czochralski silicon are shown to act as metal adsorption centers. Conditions necessary to localize SiO2 precipitate and dislocation complexes in wafer regions remote from semiconductor devices are discussed. This localization achieves an intrinsic gettering effect. The application of the intrinsic gettering mechanism to bipolar and MOS device technologies is shown to improve device performance and leakage limited yields

    dislocation loops;elemental semiconductors;impurity distribution;precipitation;semiconductor technology;silicon;transmission electron microscope examination of materials;