Papers Published

  1. Gafiteanu, R. and Gosele, U. and Tan, T.Y., Phosphorus and aluminum gettering of gold in silicon: simulation and optimization considerations, Defect and Impurity Engineered Semiconductors and Devices. Symposium (1995), pp. 297 - 302 .
    (last updated on 2007/04/10)

    Using the diffusion-segregation equation, modeling and simulations of gettering Au (a substitutional-interstitial species in Si) away from the Si bulk have been performed. Three external gettering schemes have been considered: wafer frontside P indiffusion gettering, wafer backside Al deposition gettering, and a combination of the two processes. Under the same processing conditions, it has been shown that P indiffusion gettering is faster than Al gettering, but P gettering has a lower gettering capacity and is less stable than Al gettering for longer gettering times. The combined P and Al gettering process is as fast as P gettering in reaching an optimum gettered state, and possesses the capacity and stability of the Al gettering process

    aluminium;chemical interdiffusion;diffusion;elemental semiconductors;getters;gold;impurity distribution;phosphorus;segregation;silicon;