Papers Published

  1. Thomas P Witelski, F. Hendriks, Stability of Gas Bearing Sliders for Large Bearing Number: Convective Instability of the Tapered slider, Tribology Transactions, 42, 1, pp. 216-222, (1999) [ps] .
    (last updated on 1999/11/30)

    The dynamics and stability of tapered air bearing sliders used for computer hard disk drive magnetic recording heads is examined using analytical methods. Lubrication theory is applied to determine the lift on the slider from the Reynolds equation in the limit of large bearing number. The dynamics of the slider are given by a nonlinear integro-differential equation. Linear stability analysis of this model yields valuable insight into the behavior of the slider. Most significantly, it is found that convective effects can not be neglected and yield either damping or instability depending on the slider configuration. This analysis is also applied to determine the response of the slider motion due to deviations in the disk surface.