Papers Published

  1. Lee, Woo-Kyung and Patra, Michael and Linse, Per and Zauscher, Stefan, Scaling behavior of nanopatterned polymer brushes, Small, vol. 3 no. 1 (2007), pp. 63 - 66 [smll.200600414] .
    (last updated on 2007/04/06)

    The scaling behavior of poly(N-isopropyacrylamide) (pNIPAAM) polymer brushes was investigated. The brush height of different footprint sizes, polymer molecular weights and surface-grafting densities was analyzed using scaling relations obtained from coarse grained model. Molecular dynamics simulation method was used for development of scaling relation of brush height in terms of features widths at various chain lengths and grafting densities. The theoretical prediction was validated by comparing the predicted scaling behavior of the brush height with that obtained from height measurements on nano- and micropatterned pNIPAAM polymer brushed. It was observed that polymer heights measured in dry states vary as function of patterned feature width for various reaction time and polymer height increases at small feature width. Result shows that scaling prediction provide a useful tool for the design and fabrication of polymeric and bio-macromolecular nanostructures on surfaces.

    Atomic force microscopy;Computer simulation;Grain boundaries;Molecular dynamics;Molecular weight;Organic polymers;Pattern recognition;