Papers Published

  1. Zauscher, Stefan and Klingenber, Daniel J., Rheology and extrusion processability of pulp suspensions, Proceedings of the Conference on the Use of Recycled Wood and Paper in Building Applications (1996), pp. 189 - .
    (last updated on 2007/04/06)

    The mechanism by which water-soluble polymers change suspension rheology is examined. The effect of polymer addition on rheology was evaluated using a torque rheometer where large shear rates and strains prevail. The polymer addition level for sufficient formation was found to be higher than the equilibrium adsorption level. Linear, high molecular-weight polymers were found to yield the largest torque drops. Suspensions of flexible fibers were also observed to behave as elastic solids at low shear rates. Polymer addition has very minimal effect on network strength at practical consistencies.

    Fibers;Rheology;Polymers;Suspensions (fluids);Strength of materials;Composition effects;Microstructure;Flocculation;Shear stress;