Slavic and Eurasian Studies Faculty: Publications since January 2018

%% Apollonio, Carol   
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   ISBN = {1498570453},
   Abstract = {But the letters that remain give a vivid and detailed
             picture, both of Chekhov himself—his tastes, opinions, and
             proclivities—and of the people he is writing to, because
             the style of Chekhov's letters serves as a mirror
             reflecting his relationships ...},
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   Author = {Ganieva, A},
   Title = {Bride and Groom},
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%% Becker, Charles M.   
   Author = {Becker, C and Rickert, T},
   Title = {Zoned out? The determinants of manufactured housing rents:
             Evidence from North Carolina},
   Journal = {Journal of Housing Economics},
   Year = {2019},
   Month = {January},
   url = {},
   Abstract = {© 2019 Elsevier Inc. This paper explores determinants of
             manufactured housing park (MHP)plot rents in North Carolina,
             with particular focus on the distinction among high-growth
             urban parks and small town/rural parks, and on the possible
             role played by zoning restrictiveness. Little is known about
             how MHP rents are determined, even though it is estimated
             that more than 10 million Americans live in MHPs. We
             implement a hedonic model and an instrumental variables
             approach to examine the relationship between MHP rents and
             local housing markets, land use restrictions, and other
             factors. We find that, contrary to expectations, zoning is
             strongly negatively associated with park rents in periurban
             and rural parks, but appears as a positive driver in
             high-growth cities. We then extend this model to an
             out-of-sample prediction for MHPs rents in
   Doi = {10.1016/j.jhe.2019.03.003},
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   Author = {Werner, C and Edling, C and Becker, C and Kim, E and Kleinbach, R and Sartbay, FE and Teachout, W},
   Title = {Bride kidnapping in post-Soviet Eurasia: a roundtable
   Journal = {Central Asian Survey},
   Volume = {37},
   Number = {4},
   Pages = {582-601},
   Publisher = {Informa UK Limited},
   Year = {2018},
   Month = {October},
   url = {},
   Abstract = {© 2018, © 2018 Southseries Inc. Throughout Eurasia, bride
             kidnapping continues to be a fairly common way to get
             married. The practice is becoming increasingly
             controversial. Some local actors argue the practice is a
             cultural tradition, while others question its acceptability,
             particularly when a woman is forced to marry against her
             will. Many scholars, journalists and non-governmental
             organization workers view non-consensual variations of bride
             kidnapping as a form of gender-based violence. In October
             2016, an interdisciplinary group of scholars gathered at the
             annual Central Eurasia Studies Society conference to assess
             existing scholarship on bride kidnapping in post-Soviet
             Eurasia. Using an innovative format, this paper offers an
             edited transcript of that roundtable discussion. The
             roundtable format provides readers an opportunity to see a
             diverse range of perspectives and opinions in response to
             several questions about bride kidnapping. This paper
             provides a thorough introduction to key issues surrounding
             bride kidnapping and offers suggestions for areas that need
             further exploration.},
   Doi = {10.1080/02634937.2018.1511519},
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   Author = {Olofsgård, A and Wachtel, P and Becker, CM},
   Title = {The economics of transition literature},
   Journal = {Economics of Transition},
   Volume = {26},
   Number = {4},
   Pages = {827-840},
   Publisher = {WILEY},
   Year = {2018},
   Month = {October},
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   Abstract = {© 2018 The Authors Economics of Transition © 2018 The
             European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Published
             by Blackwell Publishing Ltd This article is based on a panel
             discussion on the contribution of the economics of
             transition literature to the broader understanding of
             economic and social development. All panel participants have
             been working in the field for decades and made important
             contributions to this literature. The transition experience
             was a social experiment on a scale not seen before, and many
             lessons were learned that travel beyond the specific region.
             Important contributions in areas such as political economy,
             contract theory, and the sequencing and complementarity of
             reforms were discussed. It was concluded that there is
             little reason at this point to consider economics of
             transition and development economics as separate subfields
             as they share the same intellectual objective, and
             complement each other in our understanding of the
             development process.},
   Doi = {10.1111/ecot.12196},
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   Author = {Ye, VY and Becker, CM},
   Title = {The Z-axis: Elevation gradient effects in Urban
   Journal = {Regional Science and Urban Economics},
   Volume = {70},
   Number = {217},
   Pages = {312-329},
   Publisher = {Elsevier BV},
   Year = {2018},
   Month = {May},
   url = {},
   Abstract = {© 2017 Elsevier B.V. This paper presents an in-depth
             analysis of hilliness effects in American urban communities.
             Using data from seventeen cities, we establish robust
             relationships between topography and density, income and
             housing value gradients. We find that high-income households
             display strong preference not only for higher altitude but
             also for unevenness, leading to spatial income
             stratification at both the city and tract-level. We analyze
             potential causes of this propensity: micro-climate, crime,
             congestion, view effects, and use of public transit. We
             conclude that multi-dimensional spatial methods are crucial
             to investigations of cities with substantial unevenness.
             Moreover, redistributive social and economic policies must
             struggle with a fundamental, topographical dimension to
   Doi = {10.1016/j.regsciurbeco.2017.10.002},
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%% Duda, Paulina   
   Author = {Duda, P},
   Title = {Transgressing boundaries between film and music videos:
             Smarzowski, Kolski, and music videos in Poland},
   Journal = {Studies in Eastern European Cinema},
   Volume = {10},
   Number = {2},
   Pages = {146-160},
   Year = {2019},
   Month = {January},
   url = {},
   Abstract = {© 2019, © 2019 Informa UK Limited, trading as Taylor &
             Francis Group. While the investigation of how directors
             utilise popular music in their films has enjoyed relative
             popularity among Polish scholars, the way in which
             contemporary filmmakers transgress boundaries between
             ‘film’ and ‘music video’ in order to manifest their
             authorial strategies in other screen genres has not entered
             academic debates yet. The aim of this article is twofold.
             First, I will provide an overview of the marginalised
             position that the music video genre occupies in
             Polish-language academic discourse and suggest a few reasons
             for this negligence. Secondly, I focus here in particular on
             a comparison of the visual approaches and strategies
             prevalent in music videos directed by two notable
             contemporary Polish filmmakers: Jan Jakub Kolski and
             Wojciech Smarzowski. I will position their music videos in
             the context of their film production, arguing that their
             work for the music industry is an extension of their
             distinctive cinematic worlds and that it affects both the
             film language and the aesthetics of the music video genre
   Doi = {10.1080/2040350X.2018.1516087},
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%% Göknar, Erdag   
   Title = {"The Turkish Novel: Modernity, Modernism, and
   Booktitle = {Blackwell Encyclopedia of the Novel},
   Year = {20010},
   Month = {Fall},
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%% Hacohen, Malachi H.   
   Author = {Hacohen, MH},
   Title = {Jacob and Esau: Jewish European History Between Nation and
   Publisher = {Cambridge University Press (CUP)},
   Year = {2018},
   Month = {June},
   Abstract = {Jacob & Esau is a profound new account of two millennia of
             Jewish European history which, for the first time,
             integrates the cosmopolitan narrative of the Jewish
             intelligentsia with that of traditional Jews and Jewish
             culture. Malachi Hacohen uses the biblical story of the
             rival twins, Jacob and Esau, and its subsequent retelling by
             Christians and Jews through the ages as lens through which
             to illuminate changing Jewish–Christian relations and the
             opening and closing of opportunities for Jewish life in
             Europe. Jacob & Esau tells a new history of a people
             accustomed for over two-and-a-half millennia to forming
             relationships, real and imagined, with successive empires
             but eagerly adapting, in modernity, to the nation-state, and
             experimenting with both assimilation and Jewish nationalism.
             In rewriting this history via Jacob and Esau, the book
             charts two divergent but intersecting Jewish histories that
             together represent the plurality of Jewish European
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   Author = {Hacohen, MH},
   Title = {Karl Popper, the open society, and the cosmopolitan
             democratic empire},
   Pages = {189-205},
   Booktitle = {The Impact of Critical Rationalism: Expanding the Popperian
             Legacy through the Works of Ian C. Jarvie},
   Year = {2018},
   Month = {January},
   ISBN = {9783319908250},
   url = {},
   Abstract = {© The Author(s) 2019. In The Open Society, written in New
             Zealand during WWII, Karl Popper invented the cosmopolitan
             democratic empire as an antidote to ethnonationalism.
             Popper, a non-Marxist socialist, protested that the
             nation-state was a charade and, in his portrayal of
             classical Athens, merged the images of Austria-Hungary and
             the British Commonwealth into a utopian democratic empire.
             The empire was an open society that would provide a home to
             the assimilated Jewish intelligentsia, which was excluded on
             racial grounds from the European nation-states. Jews were
             not to expect, however, recognition of their culture:
             Assimilation remained the best solution to the Jewish
             Question. Emerging from Jewish anxiety, Popper’s
             cosmopolitanism formed a marvelous imperial vision that
             failed to allay his own fears of antisemitism.},
   Doi = {10.1007/978-3-319-90826-7_16},
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%% Holmgren, Beth   
   Author = {Holmgren, B},
   Title = {Cabaret Nation: The Jewish Foundations of Kabaret Literacki,
   Pages = {273-288},
   Booktitle = {Poland and Hungary Jewish Realities Compared},
   Publisher = {Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry},
   Editor = {Guesnet, F and Lupovitch, H and Polonsky, A},
   Year = {2019},
   Month = {February},
   ISBN = {1906764719},
   Abstract = {Collectively, these essays offer a different perspective.
             The volume has five sections.},
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   Author = {Holmgren, B},
   Title = {A Whole World of Mythology},
   Journal = {Women'S Review of Books},
   Volume = {36},
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   Pages = {12-13},
   Publisher = {Old City Publishing},
   Editor = {Baumgartner, J},
   Year = {2019},
   Month = {February},
   Abstract = {A comparative review of Wioletta Greg's SWALLOWING MERCURY
             and Olga Tokarczuk's FLIGHTS.},
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   Author = {Holmgren, B},
   Title = {Holocaust history and jewish heritage preservation: Scholars
             and stewards working in pis-ruled Poland},
   Journal = {Shofar: an Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish
   Volume = {37},
   Number = {1},
   Pages = {96-107},
   Publisher = {Project Muse},
   Year = {2019},
   Month = {January},
   url = {},
   Abstract = {© 2019, Purdue University Press. All rights reserved. This
             short essay presents an analytical update of how scholars,
             curators, and stewards are responding to the xenophobic
             climate and nationalist censorship being generated by the
             current Polish government under the rule of the right-wing
             Law and Justice (PiS) party. I focus on two new
             groundbreaking publications on the involvement of rural
             Poles and the Catholic Church in carrying out a rural
             Holocaust in World War II; the POLIN Museum’s exhibit
             boldly representing the March 1968 antisemitic campaign that
             resulted in the exodus of thirteen thousand Polish Jews; and
             the activism of two educated, dedicated stewards of Jewish
             heritage preservation in small-town Poland.},
   Doi = {10.1353/sho.2019.0004},
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   Author = {Holmgren, B},
   Title = {The Cabaret Song: Its Multi-Ethnic Pedigree and
             Transnational Adventures, 1919-1968},
   Booktitle = {Being Poland A New History of Polish Literature and Culture
             since 1918},
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   Editor = {Trojanowska, T and Nizynska, J and Czaplinski,
   Year = {2018},
   Month = {October},
   ISBN = {1442650184},
   Abstract = {Being Poland offers a unique analysis of the cultural
             developments to take place in Poland over the last one
             hundred years.},
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   Author = {Holmgren, B},
   Title = {Warsaw Is My Country The Story of Krystyna Bierzynska,
   Pages = {132 pages},
   Publisher = {Jews of Poland},
   Year = {2018},
   Month = {February},
   ISBN = {1618117580},
   Abstract = {This story of Krystyna Bierzyńska, an acculturated Polish
             Jew, explores how she survived the Holocaust thanks to the
             efforts of her Jewish and surrogate Christian families and
             served in the 1944 Warsaw Uprising.},
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   Author = {Holmgren, B},
   Title = {Tending Andersland: The Calling of Feliks Konarski and Nina
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%% Need, David   
   Title = {French: Rainer Maria Rilke translated by David
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   ISBN = {8193835387},
   Abstract = {It features poems in 17 languages with special introductions
             to the work of each of the 49 featured poets and translators
             by editor Priya Sarukkai Chabria."We knew these
             delights existed around the world.},
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   Title = {German: Rainer Maria Rilke translated by David
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   ISBN = {8193835387},
   Abstract = {It features poems in 17 languages with special introductions
             to the work of each of the 49 featured poets and translators
             by editor Priya Sarukkai Chabria."We knew these
             delights existed around the world.},
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   Author = {Rilke, RM},
   Title = {From Notebooks and Personal Papers},
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   ISBN = {1848616023},
   Abstract = {This volume is the first English translation of these poems
             in the arrangement Rilke had set down in 1926. The
             arrangement translated here has only appeared in German as
             Aus Taschen-Büchern und Merk-Blättern.},
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