Publications of ELLEN K. GASPAROVIC

Papers Accepted

  1. G. Bal, J. Bergbauer, E. W. Chambers, E. Gasparovic, R. Hu, K. Leonard, M. Shaker, C. Wenk, Skeleton-based recognition of shapes in images via longest path matching, to appear in Research in Shape Analysis (2014)

Papers Submitted

  1. J. Damon, E. Gasparovic, Medial/Skeletal Linking Structures for Multi-Region Configurations (115 pages) (2013)
  2. P. Bendich, E. Gasparovic, J. Harer, R. Izmailov, L. Ness, Multi-scale Local Shape Analysis and Feature Selection in Machine Learning Applications (2014)


  1. J. Damon, E. Gasparovic, Modeling Multi-Object Configurations Via Medial/Skeletal Linking Structures (2014)
  2. J. Damon, E. Gasparovic, Shape and Positional Geometry of Multi-Object Configurations (2014)


  1. Ellen Gasparovic, The Blum Medial Linking Structure for Multi-Region Analysis (2012) (Ph.D. thesis.)