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Applied Math: Course Listing for Spring, 2004   [all time]

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Course Instructor Course Title Time, Room Synopsis
MATH 104X.01 Venakides, Stephanos  HONORS LINEAR ALGEBRA MWF 01:10 PM-02:00 PM,  Physics 218    
MATH 107.03 Beale, J.  LINEAR ALGEBRA & DIFF EQUATION MWF 10:30 AM-11:20 AM,  Physics 216   Synopsis 
MATH 132S.01 Schaeffer, David  NONLIN ORD DIFF EQUA MWF 10:30 AM-11:20 AM,  Physics 218    
MATH 135.01 Allard, William  PROBABILITY MWF 01:10 PM-02:00 PM,  Physics 113   Synopsis 
MATH 204.01 Allard, William  BASIC ANALYSIS II MWF 10:30 AM-11:20 AM,  Physics 05   Synopsis 
MATH 216.01 Huber, Mark  APPLIED STOCHASTIC PROC MWF 02:20 PM-03:10 PM,  Physics 218   Synopsis 
MATH 225.01 Witelski, Thomas  SCIENTIFIC COMPUTING II TuTh 10:55 AM-12:10 PM,  Physics 120   Synopsis 
MATH 232.01 Schaeffer, David  PARTIAL DIFF EQUATIONS I MWF 09:10 AM-10:00 AM,  Physics 05    
MATH 283.01 Venakides, Stephanos  PARTIAL DIFF EQUATIONS MWF 10:30 AM-11:20 AM,  Physics 120    
MATH 287.01 Mattingly, Jonathan  PROBABILITY TuTh 09:10 AM-10:25 AM,  Physics 205   Synopsis 

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