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African & African American Studies: Course Listing for Spring, 2001   [all time]

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Course Instructor Time, Room
AAAS 49S FIRST-YEAR SEMINAR (TOP): JAZZ & AMERICAN CULTURE Brothers, Thomas  TuTh 09:10 AM-10:25 AM  Biddle 104 
AAAS 71 TOPICS THIRD WORLD/WEST Kaiwar, Vasant  TuTh 10:55 AM-12:10 PM  Carr 243 
AAAS 74 INTRODUCTION TO JAZZ Synopsis Kelley, Anthony  TuTh 10:55 AM-12:10 PM  Biddle 019 
AAAS 106 INTRO AFR/AFR-AMER ST Synopsis Glymph, Thavolia  TuTh 10:55 AM-12:10 PM  Social Sciences 225 
AAAS 115B AFR: EARLY MOD-INDEPEND Synopsis Ewald, Janet  TuTh 02:15 PM-03:30 PM  Carr 137 
AAAS 122 CULTURE/POLITICS-AFRICA Synopsis Piot, Charles  TuTh 12:40 PM-01:55 PM  Social Sciences 213 
AAAS 126S PRESS/PUBLIC INTERNET Synopsis Raspberry, William  Tu 03:50 PM-06:20 PM  Sanford 03 
AAAS 127B CARIBBEAN-18TH CENTURY Synopsis Gaspar, Barry  TuTh 12:40 PM-01:55 PM  Carr 135 
AAAS 138S FRANCOPHONE LITERATURE Jonassaint, Jean  MW 02:20 PM-03:35 PM  Franklin Center 028 
AAAS 140 JAZZ SAXOPHONE INNOVA Synopsis Jeffrey, Paul  TuTh 02:15 PM-03:30 PM  Biddle 019 
AAAS 141S SPECIAL TOPICS IN JAZZ: MUSIC & RACE IN 20TH CENTURY Dunkley, Leon L  TuTh 02:15 PM-03:30 PM  West Union 02 
AAAS 144 SWING AS A WAY OF LIFE Synopsis Sommer, Sally R  Tu 03:50 PM-06:20 PM  Carr 114 
AAAS 145B AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY Synopsis Gavins, Raymond  MWF 10:30 AM-11:20 AM  Carr 137 
AAAS 156 THE BLUES AESTHETIC Bailey, David A.  TuTh 09:10 AM-10:25 AM  East Duke 204B 
AAAS 162A SOCIAL FACTS/NARR REP Synopsis Lubiano, Wahneema  MW 02:20 PM-03:35 PM  Art Museum 103 
AAAS 171 APARTHEID-DEMOC S AFRICA Johns, Sheridan  TuTh 02:15 PM-03:30 PM  Social Sciences 111 
AAAS 175S SO PLANTATION: 1770-1970 Synopsis Nathans, Sydney  W 03:55 PM-06:25 PM  Carr 229 
AAAS 178 AFR AMER INTELL HIST 20C Baker, Lee  MWF 10:30 AM-11:20 AM  Social Sciences 124 
AAAS 179 SEPARATION/INCLUSION Raspberry, William  M 05:30 PM-08:00 PM  Sanford 03 
AAAS 181A JAMES BALDWIN Wallace, Maurice  MW 02:20 PM-03:35 PM  Languages 211 
AAAS 199S SPECIAL TOPICS Synopsis Peters, Melvin  Tu 07:00 PM-09:30 PM  Gray 319 
AAAS 200S ASIAN/AFR CULTURAL ST Synopsis Ching, Leo  Tu 03:50 PM-06:20 PM  Languages 08 
AAAS 273S PUB POL/AFR AMER LIFE Korstad, Robert  Th 03:50 PM-06:20 PM  West Duke 108A 
AAAS 299S SPECIAL TOPICS El Hamel, Chouki  Tu 07:00 PM-09:30 PM  Old Chem 406 
AAAS 310S SEM AFR-AMER 1870S-PRES Gavins, Raymond  W 07:00 PM-09:30 PM  Carr 242 
AAAS 330S TOP BRAZILIAN HISTORY French, John  Th 07:00 PM-09:30 PM  Carr 229 
AAAS 391 SPECIAL TOPICS: RACE, REL, AND GLOBALIZATION Mignolo, Walter  W 07:00 PM-09:30 PM  Franklin Center 028 
AAAS 71 TOPICS THIRD WORLD/WEST Ewald, Janet  TuTh 09:10 AM-10:25 AM  Carr 243 
AAAS 74 INTRODUCTION TO JAZZ Synopsis Zimmerman, Robert  MWF 11:50 AM-12:40 PM  Biddle 019 
AAAS 199 SPECIAL TOPICS: South African History Cell, John W.  MW 03:55 PM-05:05 PM  Carr 137 
AAAS 199S SPECIAL TOPICS El Hamel, Chouki  M 03:55 PM-06:25 PM  Old Chem 406 
AAAS 299S SPECIAL TOPICS Brothers, Thomas  Tu 03:50 PM-06:20 PM  Biddle 069 
AAAS 391 SPECIAL TOPICS Staff, Departmental  W 07:00 PM-09:30 PM  East Duke 204C 
AAAS 199 SPECIAL TOPICS: SHAKESPEAR AFTER 1600 Porter, Joseph  TuTh 02:15 PM-03:30 PM  Allen 318 
AAAS 391 SPECIAL TOPICS Lubiano, Wahneema  M 03:50 PM-06:40 PM  Art Museum 105 
AAAS 121 INTRO ASIAN/AFRICAN LIT: Intro to Asian/African Lit Synopsis Khanna, Satendra  TuTh 12:40 PM-01:55 PM  Carr 103 
AAAS 199 SPECIAL TOPICS Wallace, Maurice  Th 02:25 PM-03:30 PM  Carr 241 
AAAS 199S SPECIAL TOPICS McElveen, Georgiary Bledsoe  TuTh 12:40 PM-01:55 PM  Biddle 102 
AAAS 199 SPECIAL TOPICS: Black Language&Culture in Amer Pierce-Baker, Charlotte  TuTh 02:15 PM-03:30 PM  Carr 136 
AAAS 299S SPECIAL TOPICS Synopsis Edwards, Christopher  Tu 03:50 PM-06:25 PM  Soc/Psych 319 
AAAS 199 SPECIAL TOPICS: AFRICAN AM FILM HISTORY Synopsis Gillespie, Michael B.  TuTh 03:50 PM-06:15 PM  Carr 106 
AAAS 199S SPECIAL TOPICS Synopsis Giddings, Paula J  MW 03:55 PM-05:10 PM  Carr 243 
AAAS 199 SPECIAL TOPICS Volpe, Peter  TuTh 09:10 AM-10:25 AM  Social Sciences 111 
AAAS 199S SPECIAL TOPICS Ashford, Tomeiko  W 03:55 PM-06:20 PM  Languages 08 
AAAS 199S SPECIAL TOPICS Synopsis Pierce-Baker, Charlotte  W 03:55 PM-06:25 PM  East Duke 204C 
AAAS 199S SPECIAL TOPICS Ortiz, Paul Andrew  W 03:55 PM-06:25 PM  Lyndhurst 201 
AAAS 199S SPECIAL TOPICS Synopsis Glymph, Thavolia  W 03:55 PM-06:25 PM  West Duke 100 
AAAS 199S SPECIAL TOPICS Nathans, Sydney  Th 03:50 PM-06:20 PM  Carr 241 

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