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African & African American Studies: Graduate Course Listing for Fall, 2008   [all time]

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Course Instructor Time, Room
AAAS 210S BLACK VISUAL THEORY Synopsis Powell, Richard  Th 06:00 PM-08:30 PM  East Duke 204A 
AAAS 229S POVERTY, INEQUALITY, & HEALTH James, Sherman  W 10:05 AM-12:35 PM  Rubenstein 151 
AAAS 299S SPECIAL TOPICS: BEYOND SLAVERY:THE PROBLEM OF Synopsis Glymph, Thavolia  W 06:15 PM-08:30 PM  FRDL Bldg 240 
AAAS 299S SPECIAL TOPICS: INTRO TO AF/MOD BLK THOUGHT Mbembe, Achille  Tu 01:15 PM-03:45 PM  Franklin Center 016 A/B 
AAAS 299S SPECIAL TOPICS: AF AM NOVEL AND THE LAW Synopsis Holloway, Karla  W 06:00 PM-08:30 PM  Allen 306 
AAAS 299S SPECIAL TOPICS: BLACKNESS AND THE CONCEPT Synopsis Moten, Frederick  F 01:30 PM-04:00 PM  Allen 317 
AAAS 299S SPECIAL TOPICS: ECONOMICS OF REPARATIONS Darity, William  TuTh 04:25 PM-05:40 PM  Rubenstein 151 
AAAS 299 SPECIAL TOPICS: DEMOGRAPHY, DEMOCRACY, AFRICA Synopsis Smith, Stephen  TuTh 01:15 PM-02:30 PM  Rubenstein 153 

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