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African & African American Studies: Course Listing for Fall, 2010   [all time]

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Course Instructor Time, Room
AAAS 49S FIRST-YEAR SEMINAR (TOP): BLACK LIFE IN THE 1980'S Synopsis Neal, Mark  MWF 08:45 AM-09:35 AM  Perkins 2-079 
AAAS 74 INTRODUCTION TO JAZZ Synopsis Brown, John  MW 04:25 PM-05:40 PM  White 107 
AAAS 93 OLD WORLDS/NEW HISTORIES Synopsis Kaiwar, Vasant  TuTh 04:25 PM-05:40 PM  Carr 240 
AAAS 106A INTRO AFR/AFR-AMER ST Synopsis Lubiano, Wahneema  MW 02:50 PM-04:05 PM  Friedl Bdg 240 
AAAS 107 INTRO TO AFRICAN STUDIES Synopsis Smith, Stephen  TuTh 08:30 AM-09:45 AM  Friedl Bdg 240 
AAAS 112S FREEDOM STORIES Synopsis Tyson, Timothy  W 11:40 AM-02:10 PM  Bridges 113 
AAAS 113B EUR COLONIAL ENCOUNTER Synopsis Hastings, Paula  TuTh 02:50 PM-04:05 PM  Perkins 2-085 
AAAS 115F AFRICA AND HUMANITARIANS Synopsis Hall, Bruce  MW 01:15 PM-02:30 PM  Carr 106 
AAAS 115G SOUTH AFRICAN HST 1870-PRESENT Synopsis Shapiro, Karin  TuTh 01:15 PM-02:30 PM  Carr 240 
AAAS 116 COMP RACE/ETHNIC STUDIES Synopsis Bonilla-Silva, Eduardo  MW 02:50 PM-04:05 PM  Gray 228 
AAAS 123S CIVIL/HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVISM Synopsis Lau, Barbara A  Tu 02:50 PM-05:20 PM  Bridges 001 
AAAS 127A CARIBBEAN 1492-1700 Synopsis Gaspar, Barry  TuTh 11:40 AM-12:55 PM  East Duke 204B 
AAAS 133S DOCUMENTING BLACK EXPERIENCES Synopsis James, Dante  Th 02:50 PM-05:20 PM  Bridges 113 
AAAS 137 AFR-AMERICAN WOMEN/HISTORY Synopsis Glymph, Thavolia  TuTh 11:40 AM-12:55 PM  Friedl Bdg 240 
AAAS 144 ANTHROPOLOGY OF RACE Synopsis Baker, Lee  TuTh 10:05 AM-11:20 AM  Perkins 2-071 
AAAS 145A AFRICANS IN AMERICA TO 1865 Synopsis Gavins, Raymond  TuTh 01:15 PM-02:30 PM  Friedl Bdg 107 
AAAS 154 RACIAL AND ETHNIC INEQUALITY Synopsis Darity, William  TuTh 01:15 PM-02:30 PM  Rubenstein 149 
AAAS 156 MOD & CONTEMP AFRICAN AMER ART Synopsis Powell, Richard  MW 11:40 AM-12:55 PM  East Duke 108 
AAAS 160 DEVELOPMENT AND AFRICA Synopsis Piot, Charles  WF 02:50 PM-04:05 PM  Biddle 101 
AAAS 161S ISLAM IN THE AMERICAS Synopsis Hassan, Mona  TuTh 10:05 AM-11:20 AM  Perkins 2-079 
AAAS 169 PIGGING OUT: CULT. POL./FOOD Synopsis Crichlow, Michaeline  TuTh 02:50 PM-04:05 PM  Friedl Bdg 240 
AAAS 187 RECOVERY IN HAITI: CREOLE FOR HAITIAN RECOVERY Synopsis Pierre, Jacques  TuTh 06:00 PM-07:15 PM  Perkins 2-088 
AAAS 193 CREOLE/ KREYOL STUDIES II Synopsis Pierre, Jacques  TuTh 02:50 PM-04:05 PM  Nasher 119 
AAAS 195IS CAP SEM-GLOBALZTN/WOMEN/DEVEL Synopsis Mazumdar, Sucheta  Th 04:25 PM-06:55 PM  Carr 229 
AAAS 196NS CAP SEM-AGE OF JIM CROW: CAP SEM-AGE OF JIM CROW Synopsis Gavins, Raymond  Th 03:05 PM-05:35 PM  Carr 242 
AAAS 199 SPECIAL TOPICS: BEATIFICATION OF AREA BOY Synopsis McAuliffe, Jody  Tu 07:15 PM-09:30 PM  Bryan Center 128 
AAAS 199S SPECIAL TOPICS: STAGING HISTORY Synopsis Wiley, Michael  M 06:15 PM-08:45 PM  Bridges 007 
AAAS 216S RACE & SOCIAL POLICY Synopsis Darity, William  TuTh 04:25 PM-05:40 PM  Rubenstein 149 
AAAS 229S POVERTY, INEQUALITY, & HEALTH Synopsis James, Sherman  W 10:05 AM-12:35 PM  Rubenstein 151 
AAAS 299S SPECIAL TOPICS: GUIDE TO SOC SCI RESEARCH/AFRI Synopsis Soyibo, Adedoyin  M 03:05 PM-05:35 PM  TBA 
AAAS 49S FIRST-YEAR SEMINAR (TOP): MIDDLE PASSAGES Synopsis Ewald, Janet  Tu 04:25 PM-06:55 PM  Carr 241 
AAAS 198S SENIOR SEMINAR Synopsis Crichlow, Michaeline  Th 04:25 PM-06:55 PM  Friedl Bdg 240 
AAAS 199 SPECIAL TOPICS Synopsis Neal, Mark  MW 11:40 AM-12:55 PM  Languages 08 
AAAS 159S RACE, GENOMICS, AND SOCIETY Synopsis Royal, Charmaine  MW 11:40 AM-12:55 PM  North Building 100 
AAAS 199 SPECIAL TOPICS: AFRICA, YOUTH AND DEMOCRACY Synopsis Smith, Stephen  Th 03:05 PM-05:35 PM  Biddle 101 
AAAS 199S SPECIAL TOPICS: JAMES BALDWIN Synopsis Brody, Jennifer  TuTh 01:15 PM-02:30 PM  Friedl Bdg 240 
AAAS 199S SPECIAL TOPICS: INTRO TO LATINO/A STUDIES Synopsis Gosin, Monika  MW 10:05 AM-11:20 AM  Friedl Bdg 240 
AAAS 104 SPECIAL TOPCS Synopsis Lubiano, Wahneema  MW 11:40 AM-12:55 PM  TBA 
AAAS 199S SPECIAL TOPICS: HEALTH/COMMUNITY/DEV/W AFRICA Synopsis Piot, Charles  WF 11:40 AM-12:55 PM  Carr 106 
AAAS 104S SPECIAL TOPCS Synopsis Tuggar, Fatimah  TuTh 02:50 PM-04:05 PM  West Duke 202 
AAAS 199 SPECIAL TOPICS: CAPOEIRA: CULTURE AND PRACTICE Synopsis Wesolowski, Katya  F 11:40 AM-01:10 PM  Ark STUDIO 
AAAS 199S SPECIAL TOPICS: EARLY AMERICAN SLAVE REVOLTS Synopsis Brown, Vincent  TuTh 10:05 AM-11:20 AM  Friedl Bdg 240 
AAAS 199 SPECIAL TOPICS: THE FILMS OF SPIKE LEE Synopsis Wallace, Maurice  TuTh 11:40 AM-12:55 PM  Old Chem 116 
AAAS 199S SPECIAL TOPICS: THEORIZING LATINIDAD Synopsis Milian, Claudia  TuTh 04:25 PM-05:40 PM  Perkins 2-079 
AAAS 199 SPECIAL TOPICS: BLACKNESS:CONTEMP. BLACK PLAYS Synopsis Brody, Jennifer  MW 11:40 AM-12:55 PM  Brody 001 

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