Sanford School of Public Policy: Undergraduate Course Listing for Spring, 2005   [all time]

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Number Topic Instructor Time and Location
PUBPOL 55D.001 INTRO TO POLICY ANALYSIS Synopsis Kelley, Judith  TuTh 10:05 AM-11:20 AM   Sanford 04 
PUBPOL 82.01 PUBLIC SPEAKING O'Dor, Richard  Th 06:00 PM-08:30 PM   Sanford 04 
PUBPOL 100S.01 CHILDREN AND ILLNESS Moses, John  W 03:05 PM-05:35 PM   Lyndhurst 201 
PUBPOL 114.01 POL ANALY PUB POL MAKING Synopsis Jentleson, Bruce  MW 02:50 PM-04:05 PM   Sanford 04 
PUBPOL 116.01 POL CHOICE/VAL CONFLICT Synopsis Buchanan, Allen  W 04:25 PM-06:55 PM   Sanford 05 
PUBPOL 116D.002 POL CHOICE/VAL CONFLICT Peck, Gunther  TuTh 02:50 PM-04:05 PM   Sanford 04 
PUBPOL 116D.003 POL CHOICE/VAL CONFLICT Charney, Evan  MW 02:50 PM-04:05 PM   Sanford 05 
PUBPOL 117.01 MEDIA AND NATIONAL SECURITY Synopsis Mickiewicz, Ellen  Tu 02:50 PM-05:20 PM   Sanford 03 
PUBPOL 118S.01 TELEVISION JOURNALISM Dancy, John  M 04:25 PM-06:55 PM   Sanford 225 
PUBPOL 120S.01 NEWSPAPER JOURNALISM Synopsis Rogerson, Ken  Th 02:50 PM-05:20 PM   Sanford 225 
PUBPOL 121S.01 REPORTING PUBLIC POLICY Tifft, Susan  Tu 04:25 PM-06:55 PM   Sanford 102 
PUBPOL 122.01 WHO OWNS THE PRESS Synopsis Tifft, Susan  M 04:25 PM-06:55 PM   Sanford 03 
PUBPOL 127S.01 PRESS&PUBLIC INTEREST Raspberry, William  Tu 04:25 PM-06:55 PM   Sanford 05 
PUBPOL 136.01 CIVIC PARTI/COMM LEADER Synopsis Blount, Alma  TuTh 02:50 PM-04:05 PM   Sanford 150 
PUBPOL 144S.01 ENTERPRISING LEADERSHIP Brown, Tony  WF 01:15 PM-02:30 PM   Sanford 150 
PUBPOL 145.01 LEADERSHIP/POLICY/CHANGE Schewel, Stephen  TuTh 01:15 PM-02:30 PM   Sanford 224 
PUBPOL 146.01 LEADER/DEVELOP/ORGANIZA Brown, Tony  TuTh 04:25 PM-05:40 PM   Sanford 04 
PUBPOL 147D.001 ENVIR POLIT/POLICIES DEV WORLD Synopsis McKean, Margaret  MW 03:05 PM-03:55 PM   Old Chem 116 
PUBPOL 156.01 HEALTH ECONOMICS Synopsis Sloan, Frank  MW 08:30 AM-09:45 AM   Sanford 05 
PUBPOL 157.01 HEALTH POLICY Swift, Robin  TuTh 01:15 PM-02:30 PM   Sanford 04 
PUBPOL 159S.01 STATE & LOCAL PUBLIC POL Spengler, Arthur  MW 02:50 PM-04:05 PM   Sanford 225 
PUBPOL 163S.01 TELECOM POL & REGULATION Prak, Mark  Tu 06:00 PM-08:30 PM   Law School 4045 
PUBPOL 166.01 THE INSURGENT SOUTH Korstad, Robert  TuTh 11:40 AM-12:55 PM   Sanford 03 
PUBPOL 169B.01 U S FOR POL II:VIET-PRES Kuniholm, Bruce  TuTh 10:05 AM-11:20 AM   Sanford 03 
PUBPOL 174.01 SEPARATION/INCLUSION Raspberry, William  M 04:25 PM-06:55 PM   Sanford 05 
PUBPOL 177S.01 ADV DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHY Synopsis Sartor, Margaret  Tu 07:15 PM-09:45 PM   Lyndhurst 201 
PUBPOL 178.01 COMPAR HEALTH CARE SYS Taylor, Donald  W 01:15 PM-02:30 PM   
TuTh 08:30 AM-09:45 AM   Sanford 03 
Sanford 03 
PUBPOL 182S.01 INTERMED DOCUM FILMMAKING Synopsis Hawkins, Gary  Th 03:05 PM-05:35 PM   Lyndhurst 104 
PUBPOL 189.01 BUSINESS AND GOVERNMENT Synopsis Vernon, John  TuTh 10:05 AM-11:20 AM   Languages 211 
PUBPOL 193.01 PUBLIC POLICY TOPICS Staff, Departmental  M 05:00 PM-06:30 PM   Allen 326 
PUBPOL 196.08 SELECTED TOPICS Charney, Evan  Tu 02:50 PM-05:20 PM   Carr 137 
PUBPOL 196.53 SELECTED TOPICS Synopsis Peck, Gunther  Tu 01:15 PM-02:30 PM   
TuTh 01:15 PM-02:30 PM   Sanford 225 
Sanford 03 
PUBPOL 196.68 SELECTED TOPICS James, Sherman  TuTh 01:15 PM-02:30 PM   Sanford 05 
PUBPOL 196.84 SELECTED TOPICS Vigdor, Elizabeth  WF 11:40 AM-12:55 PM   Sanford 05 
PUBPOL 196S.01 SELECTED TOPICS Zielinski, David  F 02:50 PM-05:20 PM   SEE INSTRU  
PUBPOL 196S.05 SELECTED TOPICS Weinberg, Paul D  M 03:05 PM-05:35 PM   Lyndhurst 001 
PUBPOL 196S.39 SELECTED TOPICS Thomasson, Julie  M 06:00 PM-08:30 PM   Sanford 102 
PUBPOL 196S.66 SELECTED TOPICS Synopsis Hahn, Susan  TuTh 11:40 AM-12:55 PM   Sanford 224 
PUBPOL 199S.01 HONORS SEMINAR Mickiewicz, Ellen  F 02:50 PM-04:05 PM   Sanford 150 

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