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Religious Studies: Graduate Course Listing for Fall, 2022   [all time]

Listing of upcoming spring 2023 courses is now available. Please note this course listing is updated nightly from the registrar data; see the registrar for the official listings.

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Course Instructor Course Title Time, Room Synopsis
RELIGION 700.01 Chow, Eileen  EAST ASIAN STUDIES CORE COURSE W 08:30 AM-11:00 AM,  Perkins 065   Synopsis 
RELIGION 768S.01 Cooper, Valerie  SEGREGATED SUNDAYS W 03:30 PM-06:00 PM,  Divinity TBA   Synopsis 
RELIGION 780S.01 Lian, Xi  AMER MISSIONS/CHINESE XTIANITY W 03:30 PM-06:00 PM,  Divinity TBA   Synopsis 
RELIGION 815S.01 Ebert, Aaron  GREEK CHRISTIAN LITERATURE W 12:30 PM-01:30 PM,  Gray 230B   Synopsis 
RELIGION 912S.01 Morgan, David  THEORIZING RELIGION F 01:45 PM-04:15 PM,  Gray 094   Synopsis 
RELIGION 919S.01 Sun, Anna  TRANSNATIONAL CONFUCIANISM Th 12:00 PM-02:30 PM,  Gray 114   Synopsis 
RELIGION 946S.01 Kadivar, Mohsen  COMPARATIVE MEDIEVAL PHILOS W 03:30 PM-06:00 PM,  Gray 319   Synopsis 

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