Arts of the Moving Image Certificate: Course Listing for Spring, 2004   [sel time]

Number Topic Instructor Time and Location
FVD 101S.01 Sp Top Adv Film Or Video
Benfey, Elisabeth  TuTh 10:55 AM-12:10 PM  Branson 001 
FVD 102S.01 Film Animation Produc Burns, Fred  TuTh 02:15 PM-03:30 PM  Carr 106 
FVD 103S.12 Sp Top Sound Technology Lee, James  TuTh 07:00 PM-09:00 PM  West Duke 106 
FVD 105S.01 Doc Exper: A Video Appr Jackson, Jr., John  Th 07:30 PM-09:00 PM  Lyndhurst 201 
Th 03:50 PM-06:20 PM  Lyndhurst 001 
FVD 107S.01 Screenwriting
Benfey, Elisabeth  TuTh 02:15 PM-03:30 PM  Bivins 214 
FVD 109S.01 Motion Graphics Film And Video Wells, Scott  Th 03:50 PM-06:20 PM  Franklin Center 028 
FVD 112S.02 Media Intern Los Angeles Staff, Departmental  -  TBA 
FVD 114.01 Individual Project Gibson, Joshua  -  TBA 
FVD 115S.01 Film/Video/Digital Capstone
Gibson, Joshua  TuTh 12:40 PM-01:55 PM  Carr 103 
M 07:00 PM-09:00 PM  Carr 103 
FVD 130.01 Introduction To Film
Cohen, Michael  TuTh 03:50 PM-06:40 PM  White Lecture Hall 107 

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