Curriculum Vitae

Jerry F. Hough

Box 90204, Durham, NC 27708-0204

Ph.D.Harvard University1961
A.M.Harvard University1957
A.B.Harvard University1955
Areas of Research

American Political Development and Implications for Nation-Building

Professional Experience / Employment History

The Brookings Institution
Senior fellow, 1988 - present
Duke University
Director, Center on East-West Trade, Investment and Communications, 1986-1994
James B. Duke Professor, Department of Political Science and Policy Science, 1982-present
Professor, Department of Political Science and Policy Science, 1973-present
Staff member, 1979-2000
University of Toronto
Professor, Department of Political Science, 1970-1973
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, 1968-1970
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, 1968-1970
University of Illinois, Urbana
Assistant Professor, Political Science, 1961-1968
Awards, Honors, and Distinctions

Ford Foundation Retraining Fellowship with emphasis on quantitative methods, University of Michigan, 1971-1972
Professional Service

Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Soviet Nationalities, 1989-present
Director, Center on East-West Trade, Investment & Communications, 1987-2000/1/1
On leave at the University of Michigan on Ford Quantitative Retraining Fellowship, 1971-1972
Selected Recent Invited Talks

Changing Party Alignments in US, Oxford University Press, February 05, 2009
"The Origins of Markets, University of St. Louis, January 20, 2009



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Chapters in Books

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