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  • Allard, William K., Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
  • Beale, J. Thomas, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
  • Harer, John, Professor of Mathematics
  • Maggioni, Mauro, Research Professor of Mathematics
  • Mattingly, Jonathan C., Professor of Mathematics and Statistical Science and Chair of Mathematics
  • Petters, Arlie O., Benjamin Powell Professor of Mathematics and Dean of Academic Affairs of Trinity College of Arts and Sciences and Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education of Trinity College of Arts & Sciences and Professor of Physics and Economics and Bass Fellow of Mathematics
  • Schaeffer, David G., James B. Duke Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
  • Schott, Sarah, Assistant Professor of the Practice and Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies
  • Venakides, Stephanos, Professor of Mathematics
  • Witelski, Thomas P., Professor of Mathematics and Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science

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