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King of Morocco Attends Lecture By Duke Professor Ebrahim Moosa
    , 2007/11/14 10:27:15

Professors routinely travel to other locales to deliver speeches, but Ebrahim Moosa’s recent trip to Morocco was far from the ordinary.

This week, Moosa delivered a lecture, “Ethical Challenges in Contemporary Islamic Thought,” that was hosted by His Majesty King Muhammad VI of Morocco and was held in the renovated Qarawiyin Mosque in the historic city of Fez. Attending the lecture, which came during the holy month of Ramadan, were the king, a royal entourage, scores of diplomats, Moroccan government representatives, ministers and senior representatives of the armed forces, among others. To read more about Professor Moosa's speech and visit to Morocco, please visit or

News/Prof-Lectures.To.Moroccan.Monarch-3037695.shtml you can also view the lecture at one of these urls