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  • Speaker Series
    Miriam R Vines, 2006/11/30 09:17:11

    Dr. Deborah Loewenberg Ball

    Knowing Your Subject Well Enough to Teach It:
    What More Does It Take?

    Wednesday, November 29, 2006
    107 White Lecture Hall, East Duke Building
    Free and Open to the Public  

  • Teacher Preparation Program
    Vanessa Turnier, 2008/08/21 11:23:20

    Do you want to make a difference in the lives of children?
    Have you considered teaching?
    You can earn state licensure to teach during your undergraduate studies at Duke.
    For information about teaching high school, grades 9-12,
    contact Dr. Susan Wynn at; 660-2403
                            For information about teaching elementary school, grades K-6,                 contact Dr. Jan Riggsbee at; 660-3077

    Enrollment capacity is limited; application process is competitive.
     Don't miss out on this unique opportunity!

  • Durham Public Schools, Duke Announce Three New Initiatives to Support Teaching
    Miriam R Vines, 2006/09/19 08:16:38

    February 22, 2006

    DURHAM -- Durham Public Schools Superintendent Ann T. Denlinger and Duke University President Richard H. Brodhead announced today that DPS and Duke are expanding their longstanding partnership with three new initiatives designed to significantly boost support for classroom teachers.

    Over the next three years, the University will contribute $925,000 to assist DPS by providing scholarships to Duke graduate students who are pursuing advanced teaching degrees, increasing fluency in Spanish among teachers and staff members, and helping retain early-career teachers. The programs are expected to provide direct support for as many as 200 DPS teachers who work with approximately 6,000 public school students.


  • David Berliner: Program in Education Speaker Series in Applied Education Research
    Ryn Nasser, 2006/01/24 08:32:38


    "The failure of high-stakes tests to improve education"


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