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  • Mary Morrow-Edna Richards Scholarship
    Vanessa Turnier, 2007/11/20 10:17:02

    This scholarship is accepting applications now through January 14, 2008. To find out more about this and other scholarship opportunities please click on Scholarships & Awards.  

  • Creating Action Out of Knowledge! Spring 2008
    Vanessa Turnier, 2007/11/05 08:52:14

    Register to take an Education class in Spring 2008! Most classes have a service learning experience in our local schools. Check out the list of courses here ??

    Program in Education Spring 2008  

    EDUC 49S.01: Women Imagine Change

    EDUC 49S.02: Educational Tests & Assessments

    EDUC 100: Foundations of Education

    EDUC 109S. Elementary Curriculum 

    EDUC 110: Res/Reflect Practice Elem. Edu  

    EDUC 118: Educational Psychology

    EDUC 120: Elementary Internship

    EDUC 137: Contemporary Issues in Education

    EDUC 139: Marxism and Society  

    EDUC 149: Women and the Professions

    EDUC 151S: Literacy & Service Learning

    EDUC 160S: Early Childhood Intern

    EDUC170S.01: Anthropology & Education

    EDUC 170S.03: Durham Literacy Lens

    EDUC 190S: Secondary School Issues

    EDUC 215: Secondary School Teach

    EDUC 216: Secondary  Internship



    Vanessa Turnier, 2007/11/14 09:41:22

    Congratulations to our 2007 Graduates!

    Elementary                            Secondary
    Lauren Corse                          Katherine Almquist
    Mary Reid Ervin                      Jennifer Birkhofer
    Jan Scott Farmer                     Lauren Fryer
    Lauren Feldman                      Trea Garza
    Amy Hamilton                         Aakanksha Gulati
    Krista Harryman                      Brian Hanson
    Amy Jospeh                            Allyson Johnson
    Christine Rivera                       Miho Kubagawa
    Marisol Rodriguez                   Julia Lacy
    Mary Beth Samsa                   Stepan Paul
    Bethany Schraml                     Elizabeth Vanderslice
    Pamela Silver
    Heather Stone                         Early Childhood
    Elizabeth Wort                        Christine Lim
                                                  Caroline Logue

  • Holton
    Miriam R Vines, 2007/04/25 10:32:59

    Holton Prize in Educational Research

    Application deadline is April 16.  Open to juniors and seniors.  A cash prize of $250 will be awarded for outstanding innovative or investigative research dealing with education. For information: Holton Prize or e-mail


  • Annual Awards
    Vanessa Turnier, 2008/06/19 12:51:44

    Congratulations to the following students who have won the Program in Education's annual awards for  2007:

    D.T. Stallings Awards: Anna Jacobi

    Winfred Quinton Holton Prize for Educational Research:
    Miho Kubagawa

    Winfred Quinton Holton Prize for Educational Research,
    Honorable Mentions: Joiselle Cunningham, Rachel Saperstein, and Danielle Wilfong.

    Also a big congratulations goes to our very own Dr. Jan Riggsbee who has been awarded this year's Robert B. Cox Undergraduate Teaching Award!

  • New PiE Programs
    Vanessa Turnier, 2008/08/21 11:20:52

    Program in Education (PiE) in collaboration with Duke TIP initiates an innovative teacher preparation program in Gifted Education, K-12.  PiE has a long-standing partnership with the Durham Public Schools to prepare highly qualified teachers at the elementary and secondary level.

    In addition to the new AIG program we are making progress with our Center for Teacher Learning and Collaboration Program (TLC). Last Spring Durham Public Schools Superintendent Ann T. Denlinger and Duke University President Richard H. Brodhead  announced the expansion of their longstanding partnership with three new initiatives designed to significantly boost support for classroom teachers. TLC is one of these initiatives.


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