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List of Specialties: Psychology and Neuroscience Faculty

Name Specialties
Moffitt, Terrie E.  Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology 
Blumenthal, James A.  Clinical Psychology 
Dodge, Kenneth A.  Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology 
Keefe, Francis J.  Clinical Psychology 
Williams, Redford B.  Clinical Psychology 
Sikkema, Kathleen J.  Clinical Psychology 
Bennett, Gary G.  Clinical Psychology 
Zucker, Nancy L.  Clinical Psychology 
Strauman, Timothy J.  Clinical Psychology, Social Psychology 
Swartzwelder, Scott  Clinical Psychology, Systems and Integrative Neuroscience 
Curry, John F.  Clinical Psychology 
Bonner, Melanie J.  Clinical Psychology 
Surwit, Richard S.  Clinical Psychology 
Rosenthal, Mark Z.  Clinical Psychology 
Puffer, Eve S.  Clinical Psychology 
Costanzo, Philip R.  Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology 
Thompson, Robert J.  Clinical Psychology 
Rabiner, David  Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology 
Putallaz, Martha  Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology 
Hariri, Ahmad  Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience, Systems and Integrative Neuroscience, Clinical Psychology 

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