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Publications of Jehangir Malegam    :chronological  alphabetical  combined listing:

%% Books   
   Author = {J. Malegam},
   Title = {The Sleep of Behemoth: Disputing Peace and Violence in
             Medieval Europe, 1000-1200},
   Publisher = {Cornell University Press},
   Year = {2013},
   Month = {April},
   Keywords = {Peace • Violence • Sacraments • Medieval
             Political Theory • Church Reform • Biblical
   Key = {fds212014}

   Author = {Malegam, JY},
   Title = {The sleep of behemoth: Disputing peace and violence in
             medieval Europe, 1000–1200},
   Pages = {1-336},
   Year = {2013},
   Month = {January},
   ISBN = {9780801451324},
   Abstract = {In The Sleep of Behemoth, Jehangir Yezdi Malegam explores
             the emergence of conflicting concepts of peace in western
             Europe during the High Middle Ages. Ever since the Early
             Church, Christian thinkers had conceived of their peace
             separate from the peace of the world, guarded by the
             sacraments and shared only grudgingly with powers and
             principalities. To kingdoms and communities they had allowed
             attenuated versions of this peace, modes of accommodation
             and domination that had tranquility as the goal. After 1000,
             reformers in the papal curia and monks and canons in the
             intellectual circles of northern France began to reimagine
             the Church as an engine of true peace, whose task it was
             eventually to absorb all peoples through progressive acts of
             revolutionary peacemaking. Peace as they envisioned it
             became a mandate for reform through conflict, coercion, and
             insurrection. And the pursuit of mere tranquility appeared
             dangerous, and even diabolical.As Malegam shows, within
             western Christendom’s major centers of intellectual
             activity and political thought, the clergy competed over the
             meaning and monopolization of the term “peace.”
             contrasting it with what one canon lawyer called the
             “sleep of Behemoth,” a diabolical “false” peace of
             lassitude and complacency, one that produced unsuitable
             forms of community and friendship that must be overturned at
             all costs. Out of this contest over the meaning and
             ownership of true peace, Malegam concludes, medieval
             thinkers developed theologies that shaped secular political
             theory in the later Middle Ages. The Sleep of Behemoth
             traces this radical experiment in redefining the meaning of
             peace from the papal courts of Rome and the schools of Laon,
             Liege, and Paris to its gradual spread across the continent
             and its impact on such developments as the rise of papal
             monarchism; the growth of urban, communal self-government;
             and the emergence of secular and mystical
   Key = {fds241693}

%% Journal Articles   
   Author = {Malegam, J},
   Title = {Review: Doležalová, Lucie, Jeff Rider, and Alessandro
             Zironi, eds. Obscurity in Medieval Texts. Medium Aevum
             Quotidianum, 30. Krems, Austria: Gesellschaft zur
             Erforschung der materiallen Kultur des Mittelalters,
   Journal = {The Medieval Review},
   Editor = {Delyannis, D},
   Year = {2015},
   Month = {May},
   Key = {fds241687}

   Author = {Malegam, JY},
   Title = {Suspicions of peace in medieval christian
   Journal = {Common Knowledge},
   Volume = {21},
   Number = {2},
   Pages = {236-252},
   Publisher = {Duke University Press},
   Year = {2015},
   Month = {April},
   ISSN = {0961-754X},
   url = {http://dx.doi.org/10.1215/0961754X-2872355},
   Doi = {10.1215/0961754X-2872355},
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   Author = {DiBattista, M and Beyer, J and Girke, F and Malegam, JY and Hall, E and Rival, L and Platt, KMF},
   Title = {Peace by other means: Symposium on the role of ethnography
             and the humanities in the understanding, prevention, and
             resolution of enmity Part 3},
   Journal = {Common Knowledge},
   Volume = {21},
   Number = {2},
   Pages = {190-195},
   Publisher = {Duke University Press},
   Year = {2015},
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   url = {http://dx.doi.org/10.1215/0961754X-2872331},
   Doi = {10.1215/0961754X-2872331},
   Key = {fds318229}

   Author = {Malegam, J},
   Title = {Evangelic Provocation: Location of Anger in Medieval
             Conversion Narratives},
   Journal = {Literature Compass},
   Editor = {Bale, A and Ramey, L},
   Year = {2015},
   ISSN = {1741-4113},
   Key = {fds241688}

   Author = {Malegam, J},
   Title = {Review of Violence in Medieval Europe by Warren
   Journal = {Speculum},
   Volume = {88},
   Number = {3},
   Year = {2013},
   Key = {fds241690}

   Author = {Malegam, J},
   Title = {Love between Peace and Violence: not a crisis but a critique
             of fidelity after 1000},
   Journal = {Quaestiones Medii Aevi Novae},
   Volume = {16},
   Pages = {321-336},
   Year = {2011},
   url = {http://hdl.handle.net/10161/10685 Duke open
   Key = {fds241694}

   Author = {Malegam, JY},
   Title = {No peace for the wicked: Conflicting visions of peacemaking
             in an eleventh-century monastic narrative},
   Journal = {Viator},
   Volume = {39},
   Number = {1},
   Pages = {23-49},
   Publisher = {Brepols Publishers NV},
   Year = {2008},
   Month = {Spring},
   url = {http://dx.doi.org/10.1484/J.VIATOR.1.100112},
   Keywords = {Peace • Saint Ursmar • Conflict Resolution •
   Abstract = {The Miracula sancti Ursmari recounts an eleventh-century
             tour of relics during which monks from Lobbes brought peace
             to squabbling Flemish knights. While it could be assumed
             that the monks mediated between antagonists or organized
             reconciliation ceremonies, peacemaking in this text is not
             the arbitration of disputes but rather a conveyance of
             transformative grace; it is a sacrament offered to Flemish
             communities whose ethos of fighting reflects the region's
             need for religious reform. Methods of arbitration or
             compromise undertaken in the absence of the saint are
             parodies of peace: any tranquility they bring is illusory
             and consequently betrayed by renewed conflict. This text
             prompts us to reexamine conflict narratives for theological
             understandings of pax that structure the depiction of a
             dispute resolution. The descriptions should not be taken as
             prima facie evidence of medieval social ordering but treated
             as guides to monastic aspirations during a period of church
   Doi = {10.1484/J.VIATOR.1.100112},
   Key = {fds241695}

%% Papers Accepted   
   Author = {Malegam, JY},
   Title = {Against the silence: Twelfth-century Augustinian reformers
             confront apocalypse},
   Pages = {205-220},
   Booktitle = {Apocalypse and Reform from Late Antiquity to the Middle
   Year = {2018},
   Month = {September},
   ISBN = {9781138684027},
   Key = {fds356445}

   Author = {Malegam, JY},
   Title = {Pro-Papacy polemic and the purity of the church: The
             gregorian reform},
   Volume = {70},
   Pages = {37-65},
   Booktitle = {A Companion to the Medieval Papacy},
   Publisher = {Brill},
   Editor = {Sisson, K and Larson, A},
   Year = {2016},
   Month = {January},
   ISBN = {9789004299856},
   url = {http://dx.doi.org/10.1163/9789004315280_004},
   Doi = {10.1163/9789004315280_004},
   Key = {fds318228}

   Author = {Malegam, J},
   Title = {The Gregorian Reform},
   Booktitle = {Handbook of Medieval Papalism},
   Publisher = {BRILL},
   Editor = {Sisson, K},
   Year = {2016},
   Abstract = {Overview of approaches to the Gregorian Reform and
             Investiture Controversy, survey of the literature and major
             themes, discussion of important sources, including my own
             approach to the same.},
   Key = {fds241692}

   Author = {Malegam, J},
   Title = {In Public: Collectivities and Polities},
   Booktitle = {A Cultural History of the Emotions of the Medieval
   Publisher = {Bloomsbury Academic},
   Year = {2015},
   Key = {fds241691}

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