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Publications of Joseph Shatzmiller    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:


  1. Justice et injustice au moyen age: la demission de l'archereque d'Aix en 1318 (2000), The French School in Rome

Papers Published

  1. Joseph Shatzmiller,, Community and Super Community in Medieval Europe, The Jews of Medieval Europe, Trier (2003)
  2. Joseph Shatzmiller,, Responsabilite et irresponsabilite medicale au moyen-age, Collogue De Salerne (2002)
  3. with Azar, H; Mcvaugh, M; Joseph Shatzmiller,, Kon Zuhr (Avenzoar)'s Description of a verrucous Malignancy of the colon, Canadian Bulletin of Medical History, vol. 19 (2002), pp. 1-10 (with English translation from the Arabic and notes on its Hebrew and Latin version.)
  4. Joseph Shatzmiller,, Jacob ben Elie, traducateur multilingue a Venise a la fin du. Xiii e siecle, Micrologus, vol. 9 (2001), pp. 195-202
  5. Joseph Shatzmiller,, Counterfeit of Coinage in England of the 13th Century and the Way it was remembered in Medieval Provence, Xxvi Semana De Estudios Medievales, Pamplona (2000), pp. 387-397

Papers Submitted

  1. Les 'Miquevaot' juives au Moyen Age, in Medievales (2003)
  2. Public Finances According to Hebrew Documents of the Middles Ages, in L'Impot dans les villes de ;'OCcident mediterraneen, XIII-XV siecle (2001), Paris

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