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Publications of Anna Krylova    :chronological  alphabetical  by type  bibtex listing:

  1. Krylova, A, Imagining socialism in the Soviet century, Social History, vol. 42 no. 3 (July, 2017), pp. 315-341 [doi]
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  3. Krylova, A, Gender Binary and the Limits of Poststructuralist Method, Gender & History, vol. 28 no. 2 (August, 2016), pp. 307-323 [doi]
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  7. A. Krylova, “Soviet Modernity: Stephen Kotkin and The Bolshevik Predicament", Contemporary European History (May, 2014)
  8. Krylova, A, Soviet Modernity: Stephen Kotkin and The Bolshevik Predicament, Contemporary European History, vol. 23 (May, 2014), pp. 167-192
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