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Religious Studies Grad: Publications since January 2021

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%% Bai, Yucheng   
   Author = {Bai, Y},
   Title = {One Foot Above Liberalism: Wang Yi's Search for Civil
   Pages = {267-288},
   Booktitle = {Christian Social Activism and Rule of Law in Chinese
   Publisher = {Rowman & Littlefield},
   Editor = {Yang, F and White, C},
   Year = {2021},
   Month = {June},
   ISBN = {1611463246},
   Abstract = {Like many Chinese "cultural Christians," Wang Yi took
             initial interest in Calvinism out of his background as a
             classic liberal constitutionalist, yet as his involvement
             with the church deepened, he also began to ingrain the
             American Christian Right and the traditional Chinese "house
             church" into his practice. It is his position at the
             intersection of political, religious, and social spheres
             that made him a unique figure in contemporary Chinese
   Key = {fds358255}

%% Dubie, Emily   
   Author = {Dubie, E},
   Title = {Caregiving, Self‐Care, and Contemplation: Resources from
             Thomas Aquinas*},
   Journal = {New Blackfriars},
   Volume = {102},
   Number = {1099},
   Pages = {384-400},
   Publisher = {WILEY},
   Year = {2021},
   Month = {May},
   url = {},
   Doi = {10.1111/nbfr.12538},
   Key = {fds355830}

%% Hung, Shin-fung   
   Author = {Hung, S-F},
   Title = {"If Not Us, Who?" Youth Participation and Salient Aspects of
             the Protests},
   Booktitle = {The Hong Kong Protests and Political Theology},
   Publisher = {Rowman & Littlefield},
   Editor = {Kwok, P-L and Yip, FC-W},
   Year = {2021},
   Month = {January},
   ISBN = {1538148706},
   Abstract = {This edited volume showcases theological reflections on the
             Hong Kong protests by scholars and activists from different
             national and cultural background.},
   Key = {fds355126}

%% Porter, Nathan   
   Author = {Porter, N},
   Title = {"Holier than the All-Holy God": Divine Humility in Cyril of
             Alexandria’s Interpretation of Hosea},
   Journal = {Journal of Early Christian Studies},
   Volume = {31},
   Number = {2},
   Publisher = {Johns Hopkins University Press},
   Year = {2023},
   Abstract = {Cyril of Alexandria, often regarded as a mediating voice
             between Antiochene and Alexandrian exegetes, frequently
             cites his distinctively unitive Christology as warrant for
             literal interpretations of the Old Testament. That is, what
             scholars have regarded as rapprochement with Antiochene
             exegetes was partly motivated by a Christology with which
             they were at odds. For Cyril, Christological interpretation
             underwrites the integrity of the literal sense, for he holds
             that a typological connection with the self-humbling of the
             Word is very often good reason also to accept the truth of
             the ἱστορία. I consider several passages from
             Cyril's writings on the Old Testament, but special attention
             is given to a narrative that troubled many patristic
             commentators: the prophet Hosea’s marriage to Gomer. Cyril
             maintained that it must be interpreted literally, precisely
             because Hosea’s union with Gomer reflects the incarnate
             humility of Christ. To insist on the prophet’s moral
             purity would, in Cyril’s language, be to demand that Hosea
             be “holier than the all-holy God.” This reading appears
             to be unique among patristic commentators, and I will argue
             that this should be attributed specifically to Cyril’s
             opposition to Antiochene dual-subject Christologies.},
   Key = {fds362314}

   Author = {Porter, N},
   Title = {Between the Cherubim: The ‘Mercy Seat’ as Site of Divine
             Revelation in Romans 3.25},
   Journal = {Journal for the Study of the New Testament},
   Volume = {44},
   Number = {2},
   Pages = {284-309},
   Year = {2021},
   Month = {December},
   url = {},
   Abstract = {Although the long-standing debate about the meaning of
             hilastērion in Rom. 3.25 has led to no consensus, readings
             are nearly always either (1) metaphorical (hilastērion as
             place of atonement/expiation) or (2) metonymic (hilastērion
             as a means of atonement/expiation). However, in many Second
             Temple Jewish texts, the word refers to a place of divine
             revelation. Proposing a fresh semantic topology of usages of
             hilastērion, this article argues that there is no
             unambiguous metonymic usage of the word, and that references
             to atonement in Lev. 16 are secondary to the revelatory
             function of the ‘mercy seat’. Attending to overlooked
             intertextual complexities, it suggests that the hilastērion
             was the site where God promised to reveal the definitive
             interpretation of his law. The revelatory function of the
             hilastērion possesses prima facie plausibility as a reading
             of Rom. 3.21-26, which is driven by the theme of God’s
             self-revelation in Jesus.},
   Doi = {10.1177/0142064X211049101},
   Key = {fds362315}

   Author = {Porter, N},
   Title = {Review of Rowan Williams, Christ the Heart of
   Journal = {Vigiliae Christianae},
   Volume = {75},
   Number = {2},
   Pages = {223-229},
   Publisher = {Brill Academic Publishers},
   Year = {2021},
   url = {},
   Doi = {10.1163/15700720-12341467},
   Key = {fds362316}

   Author = {Porter, N},
   Title = {Review of Johannes Zachhuber, The Rise of Christian Theology
             and the End of Ancient Metaphysics},
   Journal = {Vigiliae Christianae},
   Volume = {75},
   Number = {4},
   Pages = {455-459},
   Publisher = {Brill Academic Publishers},
   Year = {2021},
   url = {},
   Doi = {10.1163/15700720-12341481},
   Key = {fds362317}

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