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Publications of Jody McAuliffe    :recent first  alphabetical  by type  bibtex listing:

  1. McAuliffe, J. "Standing on End."  Spring, 1989 short story
  2. McAuliffe, J. "American Dreaming: 1492."  May, 1992
  3. McAuliffe, J. "The Church of the Desert: Reflections on The Sheltering Sky." Plays, Movies, and Critics. Duke Press, Spring, 1993
  4.  Plays, Movies, and Critics. Edited by McAuliffe, J. Duke Press, 1993.
  5. McAuliffe, J. "The Neurology of Ninfa."  1999
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  7. McAuliffe, J. "Reflections on a Director’s Process." The New Trial. Ed. Weiss, P Duke University Press, 2001 translated by Evers, K; Rollerston, J
  8. McAuliffe, J. "The Imaginary Letters of Heinrich von Kleist to the Poet Holderlin."  Winter, 2001 fiction
  9. McAuliffe, J; Lentricchia, F. "Groundzeroland." Dissent from the Homeland: Essays after 9/11. Duke Press, 2003
  10. McAuliffe, J. "Fire and Water."  2003  [author's comments]
  11. McAuliffe, J. "Not So Far Away."  2003  [author's comments]
  12. with Frank Lentricchia. "Groundzeroland." Dissent from the Homeland: Essays after 9/11. 2003
  13. William Noland. "The Image World of Mao II."  2003 contains my notes on William Noland's images
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