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Publications of Nathaniel K Strawn    :chronological  alphabetical  by type  bibtex listing:

  1. J. Cahill, D. Mixon, N. Strawn, Connectivity and Irreducibility of Algebraic Varieties of Finite Unit Norm Tight Frames (2013)
  2. A. Armagan, D. Dunson, J. Lee, W. Bajwa, N. Strawn, Posterior consistency in linear models under shrinkage priors, Biometrika (2013)
  3. A. Armagan, R. Saab, L. Carin, D. Dunson, N. Strawn, Finite sample posterior concentration in high-dimensional regression (2012)
  4. H. Zhu, N. Strawn, D. Dunson, Bayesian graphical models for multivariate functional data (2012)
  5. J. Cahill, M. Fickus, D. Mixon, M. Poteet, N. Strawn, Constructing finite frames of a given spectrum and set of lengths, Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis (2012)
  6. M. Fickus, D. Mixon, M. Poteet., N. Strawn, Constructing all self-adjoint matrices with prescribed spectrum and diagonal, Advances in Computational Mathematics (2012)
  7. N. Strawn, Optimization over finite frame varieties and structured dictionary design, Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis (2012)
  8. J. Cahill and N. Strawn, Algebraic geometry and finite frames, in Finite Frame Theory, edited by P. G. Casazza and G. Kutyniok (2012), Birkhauser
  9. N. Strawn, Finite frame varieties: Nonsingular points, tangent spaces, and explicit local parameterizations, Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications (2011)
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