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%% Papers Published   
   Author = {Rann Bar-On and Jack Bookman and Benjamin Cooke and Donna Hall and Sarah
   Title = {(Re)discovering SoTL Through a Fundamental Challenge:
             Helping Students Transition to College Calculus},
   Volume = {83},
   Series = {MAA Notes},
   Pages = {59-66},
   Booktitle = {Doing the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in
   Publisher = {The Mathematical Association of America},
   Editor = {Jacqueline M. Dewar and Curtis D. Bennett},
   Year = {2014},
   ISBN = {9780883851937},
   Keywords = {SoTL • calculus • undergraduate
   Abstract = {Teaching and learning occur both inside and outside of the
             classroom, but undergraduates' transition to college
             mathematics are affected by many factors outside of the
             classroom. A collaboration at Duke between mathematics
             faculty and the Academic Resource Center (ARC) originally
             designed to fill knowledge gaps gradually adapted into a
             tool to help less well-prepared students transition to the
             calculus curriculum. The collaboration to monitor student
             progress and the adaptation of research tools grew initial
             voluntary algebra review sessions into an algebra review and
             study group program that supports students through the two
             course sequence of Laboratory Calculus with Functions I and
             II. The collaborators have applied for an NSF grant proposal
             to transition the program into the structure of the course
             labs to build a formative feedback loop between the
             students, undergraduate TAs, and mathematics and ARC
             instructors. The grant proposal builds on a collaboration
             between the ARC and Chemistry faculty to help pre-med
             students navigate a four-course Chemistry sequence through
             Organic Chemistry, which trains TAs to monitor not only
             content understanding, but self-regulation and metacognitive
   Key = {fds225803}

%% Other   
   Author = {R. Bar-On},
   Title = {105L-106L Coursepack, Fall 2014 and Spring
   Year = {2014},
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   Author = {Rann Bar-On and Paul Bendich and Benjamin Cooke and Michael Gratton and Timothy Lucas and Michael Nicholas and Nicholas Robbins and Abraham
             Smith, Joseph Spivey},
   Title = {Graduate Calculus Curriculum Review},
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