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Publications of John B. Greer    :chronological  alphabetical  combined listing:

%% Papers Accepted   
   Author = {Andrea L. Bertozzi and John B. Greer},
   Title = {Low curvature image simplifiers: global regularity of smooth
             solutions and Laplacian limiting schemes},
   Journal = {Comm. Pure Appl. Math., submitted 2003},
   url = {},
   Key = {fds13521}

   Author = {John B. Greer and Andrea L. Bertozzi},
   Title = {H^1 Solutions of a Class of Fourth Order Nonlinear Equations
             for Image Processing},
   Journal = {Journal of Discrete and Continuous Dynamical
   url = {},
   Abstract = {Recently fourth order equations of the form u_t =
             -\nabla\cdot(({\mathcal G}(J_\sigma u)) \nabla \Delta u)
             have been proposed for noise reduction and simplification of
             two dimensional images. The operator \mathcal G is a
             nonlinear functional involving the gradient or Hessian of
             its argument, with decay in the far field. The operator
             J_\sigma is a standard mollifier. Using ODE methods on
             Sobolev spaces, we prove existence and uniqueness of
             solutions of this problem for H^1 initial
   Key = {fds10219}

%% Papers Submitted   
   Author = {J. B. Greer and A. L. Bertozzi},
   Title = {Traveling Wave Solutions of Fourth Order PDES for Image
   url = {},
   Key = {fds10475}
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