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Bruce W. Jentleson, Director of Public Policy Studies and Professor of Political Science

Bruce W. Jentleson
Contact Info:
Office Location:  124 Sanford Inst Bldg
Office Phone:  +1 919 613 7309, +1 919 613 7401
Email Address: send me a message

Teaching (Fall 2021):

    Sanford 150, Tu 01:45 PM-04:15 PM
    (also cross-listed as POLSCI 590S-3.09)
    Sanford 05, M 03:30 PM-06:00 PM

Ph.D.Cornell University1983
M.S.London School of Economics (United Kingdom)1975
B.A.Cornell University1973

International Relations
Political Science/Government
Security, Peace, & Conflict
Political Institutions

International • U.S. • Public Policy • Foreign polcy

Curriculum Vitae
Current Ph.D. Students   (Former Students)

  • Danielle Lupton  
  • Seth Cantey  
  • Christopher Whytock  
Representative Publications   (More Publications)

  1. B.W. Jentleson, American Foreign Policy: The Dynamics of Choice in the 21st Century, New York: W.W. Norton and Company, 5th edition forthcoming (2013)
  2. B.W. Jentleson and Steven Weber, The End of Arrogance: America in the Global Competition of Ideas (2010), Harvard University Press
  3. Jentleson, BW, Global Governance in a Copernican World, Global Governance, vol. 17 (March, 2012)
  4. Jentleson, BW, Tough love multilateralism, The Washington Quarterly, vol. 27 no. 1 (Winter, 2003), pp. 5-24, Informa UK Limited, ISSN 0163-660X [doi]
  5. Jentleson, BW, Accepting Limits: How to Adapt to a Copernican World, Democracy: a Journal of Ideas (Winter, 2012)
  6. Jentleson, BW, Beware the Duck Test, The Washington Quarterly, vol. 34 no. 3 (Summer, 2011), pp. 137-149, Informa UK Limited, ISSN 0163-660X [doi]
  7. Jentleson, BW, The Obama Administration and R2P: Progress, Problems and Prospects, Global Responsibility to Protect, vol. Winter 2012-13 (2012)
  8. B.W. Jentleson, The Bi-Sectoralists (2011-) (Monthly column in Huffington Post, co-authored with Jay Pelosky..)